The University of Saskatchewan Athletic Wall of Fame has three categories - builder, athlete and team.

The University of Saskatchewan Athletic Wall of Fame began in 1984 at the time of the University’s 75th anniversary whereupon seventy-five former athletes, builders and teams were inducted from an athletic period that began in 1911.  Major catch up induction ceremonies were held again in 1987 and 1994. Wall of Fame Inductions have also happened in 2001, 2007, 2011 and 2016.

The Wall of Fame Committee is to be made up of individuals appointed by the Director of Huskie Athletics.  The non-voting Chair of the Selection Committee will be the current Chief Athletics Officer. One additional representative will be a current employee of the University of Saskatchewan, while the remaining positions will be selected from Huskie Athletics’ Alumnus (athletes, coaches and/or builders).  The appointments will make every effort to have representation from a time period that spans from the 1960’s to the present, as well as sport and gender balance. 

Use of the downloadable PDF form is mandatory for all nomiantions. Nominations received in a non-standard format will be returned for re-submission. If the nomination is successful, both the nominee and the nominator will be informed by letter. In the case of an unsuccessful nomination, the nominator alone is informed. The nomination remains on file and is subject to review in further years. Nominations become the property of the University of Saskatchewan and will not be returned.

Nominations shall reflect upon the character and conduct of the person or persons nominated. This information should be supported by letters of reference from exemplary individuals from the orgranization and/or community.

Before sending the nomination form to the University of Saskatchewan Athletic Wall of Fame, please ensure all applicable parts have been completed, and that a suitable black and white photograph (5X7 inches) is included with the nomination.

Athlete Nomination Form             Builder Nomination Form                    Team Nomination Form

Submit Nominations To:

University of Saskatchewan Athletic Wall of Fame
Huskie Athletics
College of Kinesiology
87 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B2
Telephone: 306-966-1024

Athlete Criteria

The athlete must have attended the University of Saskatchewan and unless there are exceptional circumstances, graduated from the institution with a diploma or degree.  The athlete must have represented the sport and the University of Saskatchewan with distinction in competition at the inter-university level, with the outstanding performance having extended over two years.  Athletes are not to be nominated until a minimum of five years after their achievement and/or graduation.

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Builder Criteria

A builder must have been an administrator, coach, manager, trainer or other major contributor to University of Saskatchewan athletics during the period for which outstanding service is claimed.  The Builder is to have meritoriously served sport for a minimum of ten, not necessarily consecutive, years.  Builders eligible for induction are those individuals whose service concluded a minimum of five years, unless there are exceptional circumstances, prior to the submission of the nomination. Builders shall not be recognized while employed by the University of Saskatchewan Athletic program whereupon achievements realized are a part of their professional function.  Nominations of builders should include support from the administration of the University of Saskatchewan and/or the College of Kinesiology.

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Team Criteria

A team must be a University of Saskatchewan “team” sport having won a Regional and/or National Championship. The members of the teams that would be inducted will include those team members who competed at the championship level, as well as any additional team members (athletes and/or staff) identified by the administrators/coaches of that particular team. Team’s eligible for induction are those whose accomplishments occurred a minimum of 10 years prior to the submission of the nomination forms.  Having been inducted as a team does not restrict any individual from being nominated as an athlete or a builder.

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